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Migration Counseling

Planning to travel to another country and settle, or wanting to migrate to another country? We have the best of counselors to help you with all the information that you require. Moving to a different country can be an overwhelming process, at australian consultancy will ease all your worries with logical and quality consultancy, especially with the visa application process. We provide state of the art counseling services with our experts who are well versed with the process and laws regarding migration to people who wish to immigrate to another country.

Education Counseling

Applying for further education abroad is a major decision which can be emotionally and financially draining. It is essential for you to choose the right path and the right country for you. You will not just be investing in your education but also on your future and career hence it is absolutely necessary that you take time and get the right advice and direction to choose the best for your future which matches your profile and fits best within your parameters. Our experts will not just give you guidance but will understand your goals and objectives and help you take an academic decision that will benefit you in the long run. We help aspirants fulfill their dreams of studying abroad with the best educational counseling and providing them with academic choices they could make depending on their goals and objectives aligning with the choices we provide.

Career counseling

Students having a hard time figuring out what they want to do, how they should advance their career and where they should go to attain the possible education, can be assured that we have a plethora of choices guiding them to the direction they want to move in. We are here to help you choose the right program in the right country. Our objective is for students to have the career of their dreams and we are here to assist you with that, providing the right counseling and guidance helping you have a stable and successful career.

Scholarship Guidance

International students who are exemplary have the benefit of obtaining scholarships and financial aids. Students might feel like applying for scholarships will be in vain considering the competitiveness of it but that should not stop a student from applying for it because chances are if someone should get a scholarship, it could be you. Receiving a scholarship isn’t a piece of cake but we are here to improve your chances. The criteria for scholarship eligibility vary from university to university and you could certainly fit in one of those criterias. It is imperative for any student having a stellar test score and GPA to look into applying for scholarships since you could land up with some form of aid, be it financial aid or fees waiver. Our firm additionally is able to give references for suitable candidates with exceptional records, meeting the requirements for scholarships and financial aids.

Interview Preparation for departure

Interviews for visa approval can be daunting and one of the most difficult parts of the entire process of migration. Applicants may get jittery at the thought of having to face the visa application interviewer which is why we prepare the applicants for the interview by briefing them about the interview and possible questions that might be asked during the process, the ideal dress code and maintaining proper posture, since body language is just as important because it says alot about a person. Our counselors and experts will prepare applicants well ahead of time to build the confidence of applicants. We prepare applicants with mock interviews so that there is no room for nervousness during the actual interview. An ideal interview at the Embassy might last 10-15 minutes and it is crucial for the applicant to stay composed and introduce them as genuine candidates to the interviewers.