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Our mission is clear

We want to guide students towards the best possible career path with our counseling and maintain an unbreakable bond with students and individuals aspiring to study, work or live abroad.


Australian Consultancy is an organization that specializes primarily in overseas education. We assist aspiring students with all the required resources to make an informed decision on the course and country they want to study in. We help them select the course which would best fit their long term professional goals by weighing all their options. We provide client specific counselling since every individual has a specific requirement and we are best known for our robust customer focus. We are consistently striving to ensure global access to quality educational opportunities for students to enhance their personal and professional growth. Along with educational assistance we also provide migration services for individuals wanting to settle in a country otherthan their home country.

Why Choose Us

Australian consultancy is one of the leading firms in educational consultancy. Having years of experience in this field we provide the best service and career advice for you to further your studies. Australian consultancy is the place to be for all your queries regarding the application process, scholarships and visa process as our experts in counseling are adept in providing you with the right information and guidance.

Message from MD

Sincerely Yours,

Hom Dawadi,CEO

Australian Education Consultancy has always strived to be the best in the business, and as you navigate through, I hope you learn more about what makes us who we are and how we stay true to our values and vision. Over the years, we have earned the trust, love, and respect of numerous individuals who have a great passion for learning and seek a safe and sound environment to enhance their knowledge. At AEC, we have earned a reputation for assisting our clients in transforming their futures. At every step, we tend to impact people’s lives positively. And with that goal in mind, we’ve set out to provide the best abroad study solutions to anyone who needs it. We firmly believe that a company’s success isn’t defined just by the numbers collected through profit but through the number of people you satisfy and the standard and quality of service you provide. Thus, providing client-specific counseling and ensuring global access to quality education is what we do best. Being an educational consultant, we want to make sure that your overall journey of seeking higher education in a foreign land is as hassle-free and delightful as possible. And it is our responsibility to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your future. I am immensely thankful and proud to be a part of such a diverse yet united team that is exceptionally passionate, goal-oriented, and dedicated. And I hope we continue to serve you ceaselessly for years to come.